Company Guideline

As P.U.Glove continues the expansion of our global business relationships, we present the guideline and information to our visitors and clients.

Our Mission

  • To respond to changes in customers’ demand, requirements,preferences,
    and environment.
  • To assure the quality of products through continuous improvement and innovation,
    honesty and integrity.
  • To strive for growth and every opportunity to serve our
    customers better.

We want to contribute to making ever safety the working environment of the future. In order to achieve this goal, we need to make PU Coated Glove even more cost-efficient. By working to continually increase our company’s productivity and the output of our products, we are successfully on the way to achieving this goal.

Our Strategy

The goal of P.U.Glove is to consistently continue the profit-yielding growth of recent years. The success of P.U.Glove is held up by two pillars: marketing, which is clearly focused on specialized traders, and which is one of the first to be active in Europe’s new markets, gives us the financial competitive edge.

Continuous expansion of production, constant optimization of quality management and of products by means of rapid development of new technologies gives us the technological competitive edge.

  • Integrity: We insist on honest, fair and trustworthy
    behavior in all our activities.
  • Customer: We are committed to enhance customers’
    satisfaction and long term mutually beneficial business
  • Technology and Innovation: We believe that advanced
    technology and continuous research and development are
    the key to success.
  • People: The excellence of our people create our
    competitive edge.

We are determined to continue asserting ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers in the emerging market.

Our Vision

In this expanding market, we want more than just to grow, we want to further increase our market share. And, to be the leader in providing various gloves, built upon our brand, integrity, unique network and the excellence of our people.