Conductive Glove with Polyurethane Coated

  • Conductive gloves are made of high electricity conductive yarns (10 Power 3-5 ).
  • Conductive PU Palm Coated is Polyurethane coated on palm; Conductive PU Fingertips Coated is Polyurethane coated on end fingers of gloves.
  • Good elasticity of polyurethane coating and static electricity free fiber will help to have efficient productivity with excellent protection for products and workers’ hands.
  • Excellent anti-static effect and ventilation; light weight with good feeling of wearing.
  • Main application is frequent static electricity including sites where manufacturing mobile phones, assembling computers, assembling electronic circuit, assembling TFT-LCD, photo film handling, laboratory, wiring, etc.
Type of Fabric: Conductive Copper Yarn 240D + Nylon 40D
Type of Coating: Foamed Polyurethane, ESD, DMF Free.
Surface Resistivity: 10 power 3-5
Applications: Clean room, manufacturing mobile phones, computer assembly, semiconductor and electronic product assembly, photo film handling, wiring, laboratory etc.
Standard: EN 61340-4-1 / CEI 1340- 4-1 / EN 61340-5-1&2 and CEI 1340-5-1&2
HS Code: 6116.10.000 / 6116.99.000
Shelf-life: Functional of 2 years.
Packaging: 1 pair/ plastic bag, 10 pairs/ poly bag,
25 bags/ carton, or as per customers’ requirement.

Color-coded Cuff indicating Size:

6 7 8 9 10

* or colored as per your requirement.